Permanent Mission of the State of Kuwait to the United Nations

وفد دولة الكويت الدائم لدى اﻷمم المتحدة

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Kuwaiti Citizen Services

In the case of passport loss or expiration, the General Consulate of the State of Kuwait in New York City will deal with each case as the following:

1. Kuwaiti Citizens in the US (Tourists):

The consulate will issue an emergency travel document

The requirements for both cases are:

  • Police report stating that the passport has been lost. (Only for passport loss)
  • Copy of the passport if available or copy of Kuwaiti Civil ID
  • Three (3) Photos
  • Written request from the citizen to the Embassy
  • Pre-paid, self-addressed envelope (registered mail)
  • $50.00 money order or bank check made payable to Embassy of the State of Kuwait

Application for Travel Document or Passport Renewal

2. Kuwaiti citizens living in the US (Students and Patients under medical care):

The Consulate will issue either:

  • An emergency travel document (the requirements are above)
  • Reissue the loss or expired passport

The requirements are:

  • Police report stating that the passport has been lost (Only for lost passport)
  • The original passport
  • Four (4) Photos
  • Copy of the passport if available or copy of the civil ID
  • For Students: Copy of current Visa and I-20
  • For Patients: Letter from Doctor
  • Written request for the issuance of a new travel document/passport including the contact information of a family member in Kuwait
  • Pre-paid, self-addressed envelope (registered mail)

B. In the case of issuing a emergency travel document for a newborn baby:

The requirements are:

  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Written request from the KU Father to issue the travel document
  • Copy of the Kuwaiti Marriage Certificate of the parents
  • Copy of the father's passport
  • Copy of the mother's passport
  • Three (3) Photos of the newborn
  • $75.00 cash or money order made payable to Kuwait Consulate New York (NO PERSONAL CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED)
  • ($25 for legalization - $50 for ETD)
  • Prepaid, self-addressed envelope (registered mail)

Application for Issuance of Travel Document for a Newborn Baby

Please Note The Following:

  • All payments should be paid to the official name: Kuwait Consulate New York
  • Please note that the processing time for each case is as the following:
    • Issuing an emergency travel document: five to seven business days
    • Reissue the loss or expired passport: two to four weeks

NOTICE ON SENDING DOCUMENTS TO CONSULATE BY MAIL: Include a prepaid return label and envelope (from FedEx, UPS, or U.S. Postal Service ONLY) with the return address label filled out completely. A proper prepaid return envelope must include a "PREPAID" label. Any package without a proper prepaid return envelope and label will be put on hold until a proper return envelope is received. It is the applicant's responsibility to determine the EXACT return shipping costs. All labels must have a tracking number, and applicants are advised to keep both incoming and outgoing tracking numbers for their records.

Travel Documents & Passports