Permanent Mission of the State of Kuwait to the United Nations

وفد دولة الكويت الدائم لدى اﻷمم المتحدة

The National Anthem

After the proclamation of Kuwait's independence, the Kuwait national anthem was written by the poet Meshari Al-Adwani and was broadcast for the first time on 25 February 1978. The music was composed by Ibrahim Al-Soula and arranged by Ahmad Ali. The Amiri Salute was composed by Yusuf Adees in 1951 and was used until February 1978.The National Salute consists of the first six bars of the National anthem. 
The words of Kuwait national anthem are: 

Kuwait, My Country, May you be safe and glorious!
May you always enjoy good Fortune! 
You are the cradle of my Ancestors, who put down its memory, 
With everlasting symmetry, showing all eternity, 
Those Arabs were Heavenly, Kuwait, My Country, 
May you be safe and glorious! 
May you always enjoy good Fortune. 
Blessed be My Country a homeland for harmony, 
Warded by true sentry Giving their soils aptly, 
Building high its history, Kuwait, My Country, 
We're for you My Country, 
Led by faith and loyalty, 
With its Amir equally, Fencing us all fairly, 
With warm love and verity, Kuwait, My Country, 
May you be safe and glorious, 
May you always enjoy good Fortune